About Us

Orion Transit is a Veteran owned company that has a mission to serve the community and employ resources from that community.  Our goal is to provided a rich transit experience around recruitment and software.  

Orion Transit founder has 10 years of Transit Experience in Operations and Technology.  

Our Vision is to provide a high level of recruitment, operations, and management to Transit.  

Our Mission is to employ individuals by providing great wages and benefits in order to provide the rich transit experience.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a platform that empowers potential candidates to pursue a career in the transportation industry while also providing valuable support and guidance throughout their journey.

“It's is so cool that we are able to provide jobs”
Tony L Aguilar
Tony L. Aguilar

Our Transit Team

Tony L Aguilar

Transit is our Business.

Recruitment, Staffing, Operations, and Management